Automatic Pool Cleaner


Designed for application in all types of swimming pool. It is powerful and durable to ensure trouble-free operation. Simply attached the automatic pool cleaner directly into the pool filtration system using the hose provided and it will start vacuuming, picking up everything in its path regardless of size and shape of the swimming pool. Our high-quality vacuum hose allows the cleaner to have the great maneuverability to ensure full pool coverage.



1 User-friendly and easy installation in a minute

2 Suitable for domestic in-ground pool and above ground pool

3 Quiet and fast cleaning

4 No electricity needed for the use of the vacuum suction from the existing filtration unit

Accessories included:

1. 1x EMAUX CE304 body
2. 1x Nut for Hose
3. 1x Hose weight
4. 1x Automatic Regulator Valve
5. 1x Hose cone
6. 1x Roller bumper strap
7. 1x Pleated seal
8. 13x 0.8m hose



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