Plate Heat Exchanger


The Plate Type Heat Exchanger is a new high efficient heat exchanger that is built up with a series of together stacked metal plates with certain corrugated switches. Thin rectangular channels are formed among the various plates and heat is exchanged through the plates.



1 Efficient and energy saving. Its heat transfer coefficient is 3000~4500kcal/m²·°C·h. Its thermal efficiency is 3~5 times higher than the shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

2 Compact structure. The plates of the plate type heat exchanger are closely stacked together so that the plate type heat exchanger only needs smaller floor area and space in comparison with other types heat exchangers.

3 Easy to clean and disassembly. The plate of the clamping plate within the plate type heat exchanger is clamped by the clamping bolt. You can easily disassemble and open the unit for cleaning at any time. At the same time, clean plates enable a high degree of turbulence which helps to avoid furring forming.

4 Long service life. The plate type heat exchanger uses titanium alloy plates. They can resist any corrosion. The interface pads can be easily replaced. It is also easy to disassemble for maintenance purpose.

5 Adaptability. The plates of the plate type heat exchanger are independent components. You can increase or decrease the flow as required. The operation is flexible.

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