Light Control Box



Electrical overload & leakage protection

10 effects are all sequentially numbered

The AC power of 600W at maximum fed into the control box is divided into 2 lines each of which can support up to 300W of load ( around 10 LED lights ). The control for lights on the same line is by nature synchronized meanwhile synchronization of control over both lines (all lights ) is possible.

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1 IP44 rating, suitable for outdoor use

2 Maximum load of 600W with power indicator

3 Made from fire-proof ABS material

4 Two control modes-manual mode and timer mode in which the ON/OFF time of load can be set

5 A remote control is provided to interact with control box from distance

6 Simple and easy operation with 4 keys

7 10 effects are all sequentially numbered; RESET key set all lights to the first effect

8 "POOL and SPA" keys are used to change effect of lights connected to Pool line and Spa line respectively





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