Super Power Variable Speed Pump


For residential pools and water features
Emaux Super-Power Series Variable Speed Pump provides the best energy saving solution from over-usage and to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance cost.

Traditional single speed pump runs at maximum load continuously. It is inefficient and leads to a higher running cost compare to Emaux Super-Power Variable Speed Pump. Reduced speeds (rpm) provide a slower water circulation rate that put less strain on the complete installation such as filtration, sanitization, and plumbing. It reduces the wear and tear factor and resulting in a cost saving to the pool owner.


Motor Advantages

Emaux Super-Power Variable Speed Pump utilized the latest Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM) technology, it produces a magnetic field between the rotor and windings. The energy saving is derived from the ability to reduce the RPM of the motor itself. The standard motor consumes electricity to induce the magnetic field into the rotor; on the other hand, PMM motor gains efficiency by the magnets working to spin the rotor, which achieves energy cost saving up to 80%.

The design of (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) TEFC Motor would also increase the reliability and durable for all weather condition. The motor shaft and shaft seal are AISI316 will also ensure it is reliability and applicable to salt water pools..




 Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM), Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)

 Pump casing ABS + % glass filled, Impeller PPO (SABIC) Strainer basket and base in PP + % Glass-filled

 Motor shaft SS316, Seals bellows-EPDM stationary face-SIC rotating face-Graphite Spring-SS316

 Super Quiet Operation when running at the low RPM mode

 Designed and constructed to maximize the pump’s hydraulic performance

 One touch controller, the total control in your finger, pre-set speed programs, schedules, to have the most efficient pool, spa or any water feature connected.

 Compatible with the future, LMCnet® (Emaux wireless management system)




Technical Information


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