Custom-Built Commercial Filter


With the professional engineering experience and a large size Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) production facility, Emaux is capable to design and manufacture a wide variety of commercial sand filters constructed by a multiple-layer moulded structural inner layer and a continues outer filament winding by computer controlled winding machines.
Emaux offers a fully customized service from system design, dimensions, working pressure, connections, to internal and external finishin



GRP Sand Filter Provide Numerous Benefits:

1  Light and easy handling

2 Non-Corrosion

3 UV Resistance, suitable for operation under prolong sunlight

4 Chemical resistance by Epoxy Vinyl Easter Resin barrier

5 No electrical conductivity

6 Nil maintenance

7 Low ratio of thermal expansion

8 Long life


Components and Materials:

- Stainless Steel parts are made of AISI 316 S.S.

- Plastic parts are in PVC or ABS

- The gasket or O'ring sealants are in EPDM or VITON material for Ozone resistance


Emaux offer full customer care support form system design to on-site support. Assist customers to review their design before building the filter, provide on-site inspection before installation, and installation supervision.


Available spare parts for filter service and maintance.


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